Banding: only with on-board flash?

Started Nov 22, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Thanks! (nt)

thepieces wrote:
it is used if you want to illuminate your subject and have a
properly exposed background without it turning black.... like
1/6th of a second and flash for fill can get you some nice results
if you're shooting in the city, night portraits or what not... then
stop the lens down .. the flash exposure is not controlled by
shutter for the subject .. aperture controls the flash

EOSMan wrote:
Can someone give me an example of when this will be needed?

Am I missing something?

Jochen wrote:

...or is it also there when using for example an EX550?

I'm asking because...
a) it does seem proven now that banding is a problem with
flash-shots with long exposures.
b) I'm in the market for a "new" DSLr.


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