MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

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Re: MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

Ruvy wrote:

Some of the messages about wining and crying make me sick. What is
so difficult to understand here. A man tries, puts out a lot of
efforts in good faith, spends time emotions and money much more
than any of the complainers on this thread and what does he get at
the end of his road? Is it the fact that he is loved and
appreciated by most that gets to you? Can’t figure out what
makes you so angry or is it just jealousy? Did any of you have gone
0.1 the mileage he went with the g1? Why can’t you take his
good advices together with his less than happy conclusions –
is the truth so painful or is it just being so small...


I agree with u . I think we should all return our G1s to Canon and ask them for a firmware fix. How's that for crying?

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