Overpricing in UK - Are Canon ripping us off?

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Re: Well no...

The words 'head, brick, wall and banging' come to mind.

Im gonna chill out for a bit as im getting too wound up. The more I think about it, the more it annoys me.

Here is a little joke to cheer me up...

'If you were out taking night photographs at Fort Point and you saw a man drowning in the Bay and you could either save him or photograph the event...what kind of film would you use?'

Spaz wrote:

Tim Siddons wrote:

Hi Tony,
That is a good point and I agree. My question is - how?

If Canon will not warrant a camera I purchase from a cheaper
region, how can I vote with my wallet? Buy Nikon? I dont want a

And (agreeing with Tony) I think you'll find the Nikon is just as
inflated. Like Tony said, what the market will bear is a major
factor (which I think my original post was alluding too, but its
wednesday, and snowing, and Im at work, so I'm never that clear

There is really only the one thing that drives prices down.
Competition. But if your compeditors are selling items, why should
you go a big amount under them? Sure, you'll sell more, you'll get
a better return, but what you will get is less $ per item. Whats
better, selling 100 at $10 profit, or selling 10 or $100 profit?

At the end of the day, I will be the one that suffers with either
no warranty or being forced into paying artificially inflamed
prices. In reality, there is no real reason for them charging more
than the USD price other than they think they can get away with it.

Pretty much. The market bares xxx $ for nikon, than surely they
will bare the same for canon. Unless someone else (normally the
smaller companies) comes in with a lower bracket, no one will drop
their price.

I dont mind paying a premium as long as that premium is within
reason, but to pay around 40% more as indicated by the cost of a
lens is a serious issue, especially for someone like me who enjoys
photography as a hobby.

Its the same in Australia. The prices of lenses there is outrageous.

If more of us were willing to raise our voices and make public
complaint, then the more chance we will be heard. If we just
accept the issue and sit back, then nothing will ever change.

The only thing that will be heard, is that cash register not
ringing over. And unfortunatly, you or I or others may know that
you can get it overseas for less....but do the majoritory of
people? And if they do know, do they WANT to order from OS and
deal with those hassles, or just buy it local because that is easy.
1 or 2 or even 1000 sales lost wont make any difference to Canon
(Or nikon or whoever), as they are small number in their total

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