MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

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Forget DUPNEU and Pat R. they are Neal


I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving Canon, Kevin.

I hope it's just momentary... A friend of mine, professional photografer and NIKON fanatic, was so angry about their costumer service that he said he was going to sell all her equipment and switch to Canon (er... that was here in Spain, in 1997).

He received several offers for his tools... but... well... at the end he keep them and he has become a Nikon fan again...

I hope your rage is also momentary, you are a good worker and helper with your site, and you seemed quite happy until now...

ah! by the way, dont pay atention to DUPNEU and Pat R., they must be Neal, they have only one (1!) post in their history, BUT they seam to know well about previous posts about "Neal" so... you Kevin are apreciate, everyone says so in the posts, he is despised, so he is jealous and post that stupid things... don't pay attention...


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