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Re: E-10 .. not really ?

Jeremy Haines wrote:

PS. $1329.00 for a E-10 here in the states is a very good price. I
buy most of my gear in Singapore (Insider trading).

Jeremy -

Just to pick up on this one point - my word, at that price I don't blame you for buying the E-10. Funny enough, LONG ago when the E-10 was first shouted about as 'coming' I got some variety of samples and was enthralled but it did eventually get on the dealers stocks and here in UK you're talking far bigger money for it. Still very few about anyway but with our noted 'rip-off land' prices it is not a long way behind what is now becoming (reason a bit unknown) the discounted figure on a D30. Still think for a camera of such type the free choice of separate lenses is a big advantage but as I think I said before, I have very great respect for Oly and I'm sure it gives you every satisfaction. Maybe sticking my neck out a bit but as a guide the E-10 here would be equal to around very close on £2000 - well £1800-$2000 category. Quite a bit ain't it ??


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