Overpricing in UK - Are Canon ripping us off?

Started Nov 24, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Overpricing in UK - Are Canon ripping us off?

Hi all,

Are there any UK photographers like me who are becoming increasingly frustrated by the difference in cost between the US and UK?

Today the exhange rate stands at about £1 - $1.8, and has done for the past few months.

For a 20D camera body from B&H the US pays $1499 which equates to £832, yet I cant find a UK sourced body for less than £1059.

To give another example, a 100mm Canon Macro from B&H costs $469 which equates to £260, yet in the UK we pay £399. That is a difference of £140 ($252 or half the US cost!).

The same goes for Sigma and Tamron, but not quite as bad.

These prices are more than a joke - they are a disgrace. We are being ripped off while Canon UK cream the profits of the exchange rate.

I understand that they cant change prices every day, but the rate has been between 1.7-1.8:1 for the bast part of a year.

Basically, many people that would be purchasing Canon lenses are not, because the prices are artifically high here in Europe. Our counterparts in the US dont have these issues - yet all the lenses all come from the Far-East.

I would seriously consider importing my own lenses, but considering the issues people have seen with having slightly mis-aligned lenses I would rather buy from a local supplier, but these kinds of inflated prices are a real rip-off.

Does anybody feel the same way as me?

Canon - I hope you are reading this.

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