WDYSPTW - (22th - 29th Nov 04)

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Re: WDYSPTW - (22th - 29th Nov 04)

After an unusual lapse of typical teenager model rebellion, I was able to grab this shot of my son.

I then paid him the promised 20 bucks and we were all happy.

Dave R.

Richard Wait wrote:

  • Last time I put this gumf... just in case there are even more

E-System owners out there from last week...

What is that I hear you cry? (you newbie E-1/10/20 owners!)

'What Did You Shoot/Process This Week'

So got something of interest you want to share with the rest of the
group that you took over the last week? You may not of shot it this
week, but perhaps you've played with it in Photoshop/PaintShopPro
this week. Be it for opinion, a question or just to share - post it
here... All are welcome from pictures of your pet goldfish to a
professionally lit studio shot.
Credit goes to OzRay who kindly brought this over from his previous
MTF haunt.

Every Monday (yes I know its late 'again' this week - I've been on
Holiday!) a new 'WDYSPTW' will be posted, this will cover from that
Monday to the following Monday.

Nothing to post yet, will hopefully have something to show by the
end of the day.

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