MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

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Re: MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

Woah! A 9.25 on the Rant-O-Meter. 8.0 from the Australian & New Zealand judges, (they’re a tough crowd) and a 10 from the French judge, but hey, they appreciate good whine. Seems we’re taking our self a little seriously these days, huh Kev?

You know, my G1 wanted me to take him to the zoo today. Took the wife and daughter too. Great pics all day. Even got neat stuff through the glass of the fishies. Won’t make National Geographic though. For that I’d take an African Safari and a D30. Now repeat after me – this is not a pro-fes-sion-al cam-er-a. Let’s write it on the blackboard 100 times so we don’t forget.

Now I’ve been to your website and I suspect you’re a pretty smart guy. And I think you can understand that the fine guys and gals at Canon can’t be faulted ‘cause they don’t jump out and hold a board meeting to address all of your issues on a $700 point-and-shoot camera. That’s what product evolution is. The fact that we have what we do after a pretty short spec in time seems pretty good to me.

I’d say you ought to get on over there to Ebay and make that little puppy sound as good as you can, then take some of your proceeds and that passion and maybe help get rid of those two liberal senators you got in Hawaii so we can get Congress back in the hands of..….. Oops, sorry. See, you got me ranting now.

Make Pictures, Not War.



Kevin Bjorke wrote:

I am personally sick and tired of dealing with the G1 being out of
focus; of the G1 refusing to cooperate with standard gear or even
Canon's own gear; and of Canon's almost Microsoft-like attitude
against its customers (akin to the attitude of cigarette makers,
who view their customers as property).

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