220ex for the G1 -- Don't laugh!

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Re: I'm not laughing

Hi Dick--

My reasons for recommending the 420 EX is based on personal experience. Although I didn't have the 220 EX I did have a small non-swivel flash with the intention of using as Linda wishes to do-- small, with direct flash for most shots and an off-shoe cord to use for the rare times I would want to bounce. I wanted it mainly to get rid of the shadow caused by the Lensmate at wide angle. I found my self bouncing almost any chance I had since the quality of the picture was so much better. With the off-shoe cord, I found that I had to carry the flash separately in my shirt pocket while the G1 was strapped around my neck, and it became so cumbersome for me after a while that I bought the 420 EX. Now I have no difficulty taking either direct or bounced shots, but the size is definitely a little larger and it it is also heavier. I don't regret it for a minute. My first digicam was a Nikon CP 950, and it doesn't have a flash shoe so you must use a PC cord; the result for all intents and purposes was the same that Linda will experience with the 220 EX and an off-shoe cord.

I will probably get an off-shoe cord anyway since I like the look when the light doesn't come directly from the camera's location, giving better control over shadows. First I will probably buy a good slave flash that I can hold in my other hand as a fill and highlight flash. Sunpak makes a good one (so I'm told) that will recognize the two-stage flash of most auto-metering cameras for around $49.

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Dick S wrote:

Hi Linda,

After all of the knowledgeable expert advice let my add my 2 cents.

Hey guys, you don't understand what Linda was asking and/or
understand the Canon system. READ YOUR MANUAL AND LEARN THE SYSTEM

First, the 220 EX works fine with the G1.

What Linda wants to do is have a small manageable flash on the shoe
that also gives her the advantage of hand held bouncing on rare
occasions by using the off-shoe cord.

Please tell me what's wrong with doing it this way. For what she
wants to do and has spelled out--I say YOU GO GAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda, it will work and is the solution to do what you want to do.

Dick S, Temecula, CA

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