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Re: E-10 .. not really ?

I have all of the adapter lenses for the E-10 (TCON, MCON, WCON) which makes it feel just like my Nikon N90s or my trusty rusty old Minolta XD-11. While the fixed lens my be a big draw back to some I beleive that it just keeps me away from Photshop. I hate having to clean up pictures for lens irregularities or for dirt which can and will collect on the CCD of a D-1 or D30. Remember the good ol days when we just used to dodge and burn an image in the lab! The recomendation of the E-10 comes from the quote that he is a professional... As a pro myself I am just trying to recommend good gear... Yes the price point is higher for the E-10 but, you get what you pay for...

PS. $1329.00 for a E-10 here in the states is a very good price. I buy most of my gear in Singapore (Insider trading).

EJN wrote:
I have to set the scene by making it clear that I own an Oly 3000 ,
(still kept since the G1 arrived) am a big enthusiast for their
digis and certainly in the 'general' class they are much
under-rated and indeed a super camera ... BUT, I must disagree on
the suggested E-10 alternative. Excellent as it may be, it has a
fixed lens and that alone takes it out of the true pro class. I
think it IS a fine camera but as to whether it is worth TWICE the
price (here in UK anyway) of the G1 I very much doubt. I just
don't know what is the true next stage up from the G1 - the REAL
pro jobs are not perfect and anyway are three times the price.
Maybe we haven't seen just where the 'G1 category' camera is going
yet - later in the year perhaps ??


Jeremy Haines wrote:

May I suggest an Olympus E-10...
I own a couple of Canon Digi Cams (S100 and the G1) both are
inferior to the shear quality of the Oly E-10. Especially since
you are a pro why not by pro or semi pro gear...

PS. I do enjoy both of my Canons however but I dont attempt to use
them like they are pro rig...

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