Subsidizing Optio 750z Review

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Re: Subsidizing Optio 750z Review

Ricoh beats everyone else hands down on shutter lag/ AF and battery
types versatility but then loses to everyone else on photo quality.
What a shame!

it's really a shame. Ricoh's R1 could have been a good camera to consider if photo quality is good...but it's below than average compared to most P&S cameras.

Many users, even reviewers and manufacturers failed to see the
importance of a remote and instead gets hung up on petty details
like tripod mount and battery covers! Give me a break.

Always choose a camera with a remote controller. It helps in long
exposure, self portrait and special situations. Self timer is
hopeless because it focuses on your background instead of you. On a
busy street or tourist spot with many people, you cannot wait for
the right moment to shoot with self timer, with remote control, you
can. On special situations, you can take animals or even humans
remotely when you cannot get near them.

i agree, reviewers are pointing those items that are not really important.

So, tough choice because every manufacturer seems to get hung up on
one thing and misses another. What are they thinking? One thing is
for sure, all of them have not done a proper market research. The
features are all out there, they just can't seems put them all in
one basket.

sad but true.....but pentax 750z is almost near in that state...i wish the optio 755z would make it.

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