220ex for the G1 -- Don't laugh!

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Re: 220ex for the G1 -- Don't laugh!

I usually find the built in flash is fine for fill flash applications, often too much and I have to decrease the intensity with the flash compensation. The limitation of the built in flash is the limit to its strength and the closeness of angle to the lens, which gives that washed out look if you are really depending upon it for your primary source of light.
From Kevin's page on eTTL flashes:

it would appear that the 220ex is eTTL, and this is an important feature (although the 220 cannot zoom like the 420ex and 550 ex). The eTTL also controls the flash intensity, as non-eTTL fire at max intensity all the time. The main disadvantage to your proposal is that it would be far less powerful than the larger flashes. The guide # for the 550ex is 55 meaning it will illuminate 55meters at ISO 100, I presume the 220 is guide #22, and looking at the G1 manual specs I would guess the built-in flash guide # is 4.5. Light intensity decreases as the cube of the distance, so 2x the distance is 8x more powerful, a lot. Using an off shoe cord will work for bounce, but the camera may be a handful to deal with. I agree that it should work, however.
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Linda wrote:

My new G1 and I are becoming best friends.
Today I've ordered the additional Viking 128 CF card and am taking
baby steps as I go along.
Next up .. a convenient external flash.
I went and looked at the 400 series, and am sure it's a wonderful
flash, bouncing every which way, and if I get into portrait
photography I'm sure I'll want one.
BUT, the 220ex seems like it might have some advantages for travel
pictures, being nicely small, and capable of providing adequate
light when needed, especially for fill flash.
(I understand I could add a Canon off camera shoe cord 2 if I
wanted to bounce the flash. ???)
Comments are appreciated.

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