220ex for the G1 -- Don't laugh!

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Re: 220ex for the G1 -- Don't laugh!


Get the 420 EX. You will come to appreciate the differences very quikly. A bounced flash using a nearby wall (if the color is correct) produces a picture that looks like it was lit from an open window-- much better than the "searchlight" look of a direct flash. One of the main reasons most people get the external flash at all is to bounce the light.

Believe me-- the difference in cost is absolutely worth it IMHO.

Even if you get the 220 EX, get a Sto-Fen OmniBounce attachment to help diffuse the light. I use one, and also a LumiQuest 80/20 bounce kit. They can really increase your control over the light. Esthetically, photography is all about capturing the heart or soul. Technically, it is about controlling and capturing the light.

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Linda wrote:

jim anderson wrote:

Hi Linda,

Jim from Nevada here. I'm not positive but I think I read that the
two "top" flashes (the 420EX and the 5xxEX [can't remember the
number]) have features not available on the other Canon flashes.
Don't quote me but I think the big ferature is that they will
control the amount of light emitted based on the requirement of the
camera/shot. All the others simply charge a capacitor and fire at
full force every time even though you might only need 25% as much

Good luck.


You sure are a travelling man!
You're right about the 420ex and 5??ex being far superior flashes.
The zoom and swivel.
BUT, they are really large and make the G1 top heavy. I wonder if I
would carry it around with me.
I had the top of the line (or near it) for my Canon AE1 program,
and I did use it .... but rarely used the bounce. Hmmm. Perhaps I
would have like my candids better if I had.
Good grief, I think I'm talking myself into the 420, although I
think the 380ex swivels up (not to the side). If it's smaller, it
might be a good compromise.
Have a good trip.


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