MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

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Who are the good digi camera companies?

I understand the frustration, I wish Canon would be more willing to do updates to their firmware. Having owned five digital cameras, only Kodak did regular firmware updates - and the camera need them. If you think Canon is bad you should try Sony. They lost me after paying $1,500 two years ago for the D700. I love the camera but they never updated the firmware, Why, because the firmware was not upgradable??? Who builds cameras without upgradable firmware. This camera was advertised to the pro and semi pro market and it did not meet the needs. And Sony tech support? what Sony tech support. I hope they have changed but they lost me and many others forever.

Anyway are there any companies that really take care of their consumer digicam customers? It seems weird you spend $1,000 on an SLR and you seem to get good support and are considered a valuable customer. You spend the same on a digicam and you are treated like a problem.


Ken wrote:

Although I haven't visited your website in the past, you've been a
regular in this forum and have helped a lot of people here with the
objective information you've provided. Sorry to see you've given up
on the G1.

I am curious though. I thought you were happy with your G1. When
did things start to change or was it a slow, gradual thing? I still
think very highly of my G1 (still functioning without defect after
5 months) but come from a non-photography background so haven't any
preconceived expectations of what a camera should be like. I'm sure
if I had your experience, I'd feel frustrated with most prosumer

Good luck,


Kevin Bjorke wrote:

I am personally sick and tired of dealing with the G1 being out of
focus; of the G1 refusing to cooperate with standard gear or even
Canon's own gear; and of Canon's almost Microsoft-like attitude
against its customers (akin to the attitude of cigarette makers,
who view their customers as property). I've worked quite a lot with
the camera. I am a professional shooter and cinematographer and I
know what I'm doing. I've used Canon gear since the mechanical F-1.
I made web sites and solicited help, spoke to Canon techs on
numerous occasions all over America, and really believed that it
was just a matter of me learning to use the camera adroitly that
would make it as capable as, say, and Argus C-3. But it's not. The
G1 is so full of bugs and dead-ended broken features that my
patience with it is really at an end. Watch for mine (along with a
550EX and a wireless controller) on Ebay or in the Honolulu
newspapers soon. I'm buying something else.

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