Group photo 200+ people - Advice?

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Re: Group photo 200+ people - Advice?

Joe Mooney wrote:

My employer has asked if I would take a group photograph of all
employees for the municipality I work for.

I have shot several challenging group photos for our local chamber of commerce.

I would urge you to borrow or buy a 24-70 f2.8L or a 17-40 f4 L for the crowd shot. I don't think you what to be up in that bucket truck and have to ask them to move it back or forward.

The shot listed above used a single shoe mounted 550EX. I was amazed that I could get that good of light coverage (except in the top left).

One thing I always tell adults is that if they cannot see the lens on the camera (I point to it if they hadn't already figured it out) the camera will not be able to see their face clearly.

Try to hold the crowd as long as possible to get as many frames off as you can.

Last year I shot the chamber group and out of about 40 frames I was able to get off there was still one person who never looked up at the camera. You just have to expect that and move on.

Good luck

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