Firewire 800 card reader

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Re: Firewire 800 card reader

well FW800 is pretty new, coupled with the fact that the bottleneck
of data transfer is not from FW but probably from the cards
FW800 is better for HDs, Scanners, printers and camcorders those
are the devices that will arrive first.

I've found my Lexar USB 2.0 card reader a disappointment. It is about 15 to 25% faster than using it on the USB 1.1 port. My Lexar Firewire 400 CF reader is a jet, though. It is several times faster than the USB 2.0 one. I would think an 800 reader would be even better. All of them make direct transfer from the camera look pretty pitiful.

The worst for slow read and write, though, is the new Olympus and Fuji XD cards. I really can't imagine them coming with such a disappointing technology. I have two Olympus cameras a Stylus 400 and a C60 Zoom, direct transfers from the camera are just terrible. Using my Lexar USB 2.0 reader is considerably better, but I would judge it takes at least twice as long to down load a full 256 XD card as it does a 256 CF card. I can't imagine them coming with such a disappointing flash memory card.

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