MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

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Re: MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon


I'm sorry to see you leave, but fully understand your feelings. It was very encouraging to see some intelligent logical discussions among the emotional uninformed drivel in the flash compatibility threads - thanks to you (and Michael, Peter and a few others ). I am very disillusioned with Canon myself. I started with an S10 because I wanted a pocket size camera I could take everywhere. I was happy with it for a while, but wanted more control, so bought a G1. My first experience of Canon's consumer attitude happened when I complained by e-mail that I couldn't crop or adjust pictures in ImageBrowser. I didn't fully understand the reply so called the support phone number for clarification. The person I spoke to told me I should just use different software. I said these options were in the menu but they didn't work, so why wasn't Canon fixing the problem. The person hung up on me. I sent another e-mail describing my experience. The reply said that ImageBrowser didn't work well with older iMacs - end of story. I got over that, but the flash sync problem was a huge disappoinment. I still find it hard to believe that I can't do flash fill as well as I did on an SLR designed 20 years ago. I keep hoping that Canon is quietly working on a solution, but if they were, why wouldn't they tell us?

Many thanks for your help. Your warning about high flash trigger voltage saved me and a friend from damaging our cameras.

I'm tempted to sell the G1, but I'm not ready to do the research on a replacement yet. Maybe after my vacation.

Phil H.

Kevin Bjorke wrote:

I am personally sick and tired of dealing with the G1 being out of
focus; of the G1 refusing to cooperate with standard gear or even
Canon's own gear; and of Canon's almost Microsoft-like attitude
against its customers (akin to the attitude of cigarette makers,
who view their customers as property). I've worked quite a lot with
the camera. I am a professional shooter and cinematographer and I
know what I'm doing. I've used Canon gear since the mechanical F-1.
I made web sites and solicited help, spoke to Canon techs on
numerous occasions all over America, and really believed that it
was just a matter of me learning to use the camera adroitly that
would make it as capable as, say, and Argus C-3. But it's not. The
G1 is so full of bugs and dead-ended broken features that my
patience with it is really at an end. Watch for mine (along with a
550EX and a wireless controller) on Ebay or in the Honolulu
newspapers soon. I'm buying something else.

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