220ex for the G1 -- Don't laugh!

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Re: 220ex for the G1 -- Don't laugh!

I have never tried bounce before I bought 420EX. I found the result with the bounce feature is a must as every picture that I have taken with the 420EX has been perfect. I have also tried the fill mode but it always seems not as natural and the light is just too artifical.

Doug D. wrote:
One of the reasons I was looking at the G1 was because I already
had a 220ex for my Optura Mini DV. It works fine for me, although I
am a novice and wouldn't know how to bounce a flash anyway.


Linda wrote:

My new G1 and I are becoming best friends.
Today I've ordered the additional Viking 128 CF card and am taking
baby steps as I go along.
Next up .. a convenient external flash.
I went and looked at the 400 series, and am sure it's a wonderful
flash, bouncing every which way, and if I get into portrait
photography I'm sure I'll want one.
BUT, the 220ex seems like it might have some advantages for travel
pictures, being nicely small, and capable of providing adequate
light when needed, especially for fill flash.
(I understand I could add a Canon off camera shoe cord 2 if I
wanted to bounce the flash. ???)
Comments are appreciated.

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