MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

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Re: MY Attitude: Goodbye Canon

I too will be sad to see you go. Your website has provided useful information for me and others as well I'm sure. I hope you will keep it alive even as you move on.

With respect to the attitude of manufacturers towards fixing bugs and supporting only their own proprietary systems, I see this all the time in the computer field. e.g. Microsoft software only integrates with their own software. Products being released with bugs and then Service Packs are released afterwards. Notebook add-ons, proprietary print cartridges and other things like that.

Eventually market forces and competition will make manufacturers be more open. They will see that supporting standards helps translate into market share. (e.g. our camera supports all these flashes). They will see that being responsive to consumers in the community with firmware fixes is part of keeping an existing customer happy. A big reason I bought the G1 was because there was a community supporting it and a 3rd party market.

It's happened in the computer field, but the photography field is still way behind. Canon needs to wake up to this fact.


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