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Re: Z3 - what to check when arrive

How do I check the firmware? If I don't have the latest version,
can I download and install it directly into the camera with my
camera connected to the computer?


The latest firmware is 1.02 (it may say E for europe also).
Definately upgrade to this version. My camera came with 1.01 on it.

(cut/paste from Fredrik's site):

To check which firmware you have, enter the menu, chose setup, then > press the macro button. The letters "e, u or j" after 1.02 are only to > describe which is the default language. The numbers are what counts.

After reading his site and looking at all his galleries scroll to the very bottom of the page to get firmware links and instructions.


I have only had 2 very minor problems with my camera since I upgraded.

1/. It refused to accept a memory card on the Z3 after I had formatted it in my laptop - that was fixed with a program for my laptop to format the SD card to the proper spec. Link : http://panasonic.jp/support/audio/sd/download/sd_formatter_e.html

To my mind this WAS a Z3 problem because I had a Z2 (with its latest firmware) beside me at the same time and put the memory card in that - and it didnt like it but DID let me format it. The Z3 didn't like it but ALSO did NOT let me format it. Anyway - very minor problem and as long as I format on the PC with this program (or on the Z3 itself) all is well. The only thing that can muck up the memory card is to use the windows FORMAT command to format a SD card on a PC. You should instead use this program which writes the correct spec for SD cards.

2/. It once crashed on me - luckily nothing was lost!!! It just locked up one night whilst shooting - no warning - batteries were on the way out but still gave me about another 10 mins use After the crash. Fix was just to remove and replace the batteries again. Very minor. Never done it since either...

I recommend 1700ma NimH (or greater) rechargeable batteries and a fast charger.

I love my Z3!!

Steve Mc Donald.

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