Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

Michael W. wrote:

The fact that Canon even demonstrate the G1 with a non-Canon flash
at a trade show and mention the use of third-party flashes in the
user manual, they are obligated to support it to some degree. I
know it's not reasonable to expect that the G1 work well with every
3rd party flash, but the fact is IT DOESN'T WORK WITH ANY. I've
yet to hear a single person reporting that his/her G1 works well
with any 3rd party flash. Some may not care, but the standard
hotshoe was the reason why I went with the G1, and I do feel that
Canon should at least take efforts to support the features it

So far my experience with the similar Pro90 has been that all flashes and strobes I've tried with it have worked exactly as the manual described. The Metz system with the current 3101M4 adaptor fires at full power when triggered by the camera in all camera modes. My Sunpak which even works well with the recent Elan 7E camera fires at full power in all camera modes. Studio strobes have worked fine for me, of course in manual mode metered externally. The Metz system works fine in Auto (non-ttl) mode at all apertures from 2.8 to 8, in manual mode on the camera of course.

I do still think that it's crappy of Canon to have implemented what is apparently a subset of their standard camera flash functionality. I felt that their ads and promos implied that the G1/Pro90 would work with most if not all modern Canon TTL compatible 3rd party flashes. They advertise their film cameras as working best with the EX series flashes as well.


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