Metering on 45 F/2.8P

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Some samples to tide you over... (img)

Here you go, Tim. Just a few quickies I did last night, comparing the 50 1.4 and 45P. You will see that the 45P renders a very nice circular bokeh from background highlights. As usual, it is a little rough in pbase but if you download it you will like it. I shot the 50 at F/1.4, which renders roundish highlights but you can see that the effect is different and not as nice IMO. At F/2.8 (comparable aperture) the 50 renders flat sided highlights.

The nice round OOF highlights is what I was primarily looking for because I have seen them in images posted here and I like that effect, especially with night shots. if done well and worked into the composition it is very sweet.

Here is the gallery link for full exif. These were just batch converted NEF > JPG and downsized with NV.

45P at F/2.8

50 F/1.4 at F/1.4

50 F/1.4 at F/2.8

Back to the 45P at F/5.6. The highlights are a little edgier than I would have liked but still much better than the 50 F/1.4.

And the 50 at F/5.6 for comparison


voider wrote:
Hi Neil,

good that you got a good version...I am looking forward to some


NRothschild wrote:
The performance wide open is very impressive. This is a lens that
wants to be shot wide open.

Neil wrote:
Glad to that the lens is OK after all.

I've found the lens has wonderful microcontrast and very smooth
transitions betweeen in-focus and out-of-focus elements. Also, very
flare resistant, as you mentioned.


NRothschild wrote:
Appreciate the input, everyone.

Maybe I suffered from NLP.

(New Lens Paranoia)

Did another test early this morning against the 50 1.4. The
exposures were identical in all 3 meter modes, except for Matrix,
only different by 1/3 stop. Matrix metering was flipping between
adjacent 1/3 stops so both lenses were very consistent . This was
an early morning daylight scene of some bushes. I autofocused the
50 and used the focus indicator dot on the 45 to make the focus as
consistent as possible.

I shot a rising sun through leafless trees and the lens is very
flare resistant, as I have seen discussed here previously. The 50
1.4 is pretty good in that test too.

The 45 seems to have just a touch more contrast than the 50 at
F/2.8 and is sharper when viewed with no sharpening. After
applying Thom Hogan's smart sharpening (edge sharpening action) at
100/1.0/0 in CS, the sharpness is very similar but the 45 still has
that little extra punch in contrast. I think this is also
consistent with what I have seen posted here, so the lens is
performing as advertised.

I shot some trees at about 700 feet or so, which the focus
indicator thought was infinity. As I have also seen posted here,
it is not at it's best at that distance. Not terrible but not it's
sweet spot for sure.

It is a very neat lens and very retro Very 70's in style and
feel, when men were men and lenses had real focus rings. The
inverted bowl lens hood is very useful to keep wandering fingers
away from the lens while searching for the tiny focus ring.

I'm looking forward to doing something useful with it this weekend.
I think it will make a nice addition to my bag.


NRothschild wrote:

Just received this little thing and it appears to be metering a
full stop underexposed on my D70. Any other users seen this?

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