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Re: A question about other books that cover masking in depth......

Diane B wrote:

I'm curious if you have Real World PSCS by Blatner and Fraser or
PSCS Studio Techiniques by Ben Willmore? Oh, PS7 Pro Bible by Deke
McClelland too. If so, how would you compare this book to the
quite extensive masking info in the first book particularly? I
like Eismann's writing and have one of her books but already own a
lot of PS books from 5 up and if I won't get any new information,
just can't justify buying another book. PS7 Artistry also has a
lot of masking info in it--so you see my point LOL. I tend to be a
book 'junky' (not just PS books--I'm just an avid reader and book
collector), but right now I'm trying to be at least rational about
adding books.

I agree for those that don't have any books with good masking
information--and to encourage her to write more advanced PS
books---but I guess I'm being selfish and trying to justify not
adding another PS book to my pretty extensive PS collection LOL
(there are WAY more--as I said--my work area book shelves are
groaning smile ). Haven't been to B & N to check it out--maybe
that's what I should do--in hopes they actually have it.

Diane B
black and white lover, but color is seducing me

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Hi Dianne. I have not read those books but have the Real World book on my pile to read next. Katrin says in her book that it is excellent. I am sure there is some overlap. Sorry I cannot be helpful.
Bill Richardson
Barrington, IL (USA)

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