70-200/4L Why does Canon still sell this lemon?

Started Nov 15, 2004 | Discussions thread
Greg Biggs
Greg Biggs Senior Member • Posts: 2,048
I am one who has a bad copy

maljo@inreach.com wrote:

This is a great lens, sharp, light, affordable.
I love it. No focus problems.

Its hard to know what to make of the unfortunate
folks who have so much trouble with focusing.

What to make of us? Well how about simply accepting the fact that some of us (ME) really have got a bad copy. I understand it happens and I do not have any intentions of trying to make anyone think that it is the norm to receive a bad one. I just know I did and it is a pain to think I will have to go through the hoops to get it exchanged for a good one. I have no doubt this 70-2004L is a fabulous lens. Mine simply back focuses just enough to make every picture I take soft where I intended to focus. The part of the picture where it does actually focus is as sharp as I could ever hope for. Contrast is beautiful. Resolves detail like nothing I ever used. I just need it to focus where I aim doggone it LOL! And I use it on my 20D which works great with all my other lenses. When I get a good copy, it will be a jewel.

I have 8 Canon lenses and no problems with any of them.


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Thanks to you all for what you share so freely, It's my hope to be able to help others as well.

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