G1 and external flash?

Started May 24, 2001 | Discussions thread
Peter T Senior Member • Posts: 1,272
Re: G1 and external flash?

I only tried this once and the shot was properly exposed. But I was using a flash meter. Exposure compensation can be used the aperture/shutter.

One concern if you are taking candid shots is the shutter speed. It is also a concern if the shot is handheld.

You say you can manually set the flash. Does that mean you can control it's output? If so, how? Most people use flash where you set the guide number and distance and I don't have that type of flash.

a l b e r t wrote:

Does it imply the shots will be overexposed? Would EV adjustment
cause the G1 to think differently? Let say I try to take a flash
shot with someone during dinner with a 100W incadescent bulb.
Would A or S priority work properly with external flash?

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