G1 and external flash?

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fred New Member • Posts: 23
Re: G1 and external flash?

Check the following site.

a l b e r t wrote:
It was a very long post, I didn't read all.

But it'd seems that Canon said it should work with 3rd party flash
yet it didn't. Was that the final verdict?

Yu-Lin Chan wrote:

a l b e r t wrote:

I plan on getting a G1. Before I do, I've a few questions

I think it would help if you do a search on flash on this forum.
This topic has been talked about many times.

regarding the use of external flash:

Can I use any 3rd party external flash other than Canon's? I can
manually set the external flash, but other than that, would I have
any problem?

If I have some non-Canon external flash setup, the build-in flash
is turned off automatically, right? Or is this a setting I need to
change in the camera?

If I set flash off in the camera, would the external flash attached
be turned off, or does this just affect the internal flash only?


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