G1 and external flash?

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Re: G1 and external flash?

Check out this post


It's quite long but a number of people have reported problems getting third party flashes to work properly with the G while others have had no problems. You may want to read all 100+ posts.

I spent a quick 20 minutes a couple of days ago and couldn't get a G! to fire any third party device thru the contact pin. There may be some circuitry that dictates that the dedication pins must be active for the hot shoe contact pin to fire.

Do you some research and testing before you buy. I'm going to try and do some further testing this weekend.

Steve H

a l b e r t wrote:

I plan on getting a G1. Before I do, I've a few questions
regarding the use of external flash:

Can I use any 3rd party external flash other than Canon's? I can
manually set the external flash, but other than that, would I have
any problem?

If I have some non-Canon external flash setup, the build-in flash
is turned off automatically, right? Or is this a setting I need to
change in the camera?

If I set flash off in the camera, would the external flash attached
be turned off, or does this just affect the internal flash only?


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