G1 and external flash?

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Re: G1 and external flash?

a l b e r t wrote:

I plan on getting a G1. Before I do, I've a few questions
regarding the use of external flash:

Can I use any 3rd party external flash other than Canon's? I can
manually set the external flash, but other than that, would I have
any problem?

Others "in the know" caution to avoid 3rd party flashes with high voltage across the flash shoe. Here is a good link to start: http://www.botzilla.com/photo/G1strobe.html

You need to verify that the flash you are considering has low voltage (

I opted to avoid potential problems and purchased the Canon 420EX. It works very well, giving complete bounce control and the future cabability of remote slave.

If I have some non-Canon external flash setup, the build-in flash
is turned off automatically, right? Or is this a setting I need to
change in the camera?

The internal flash is turned off whenever an external flash is attached (regardless of whether it is powered on or not). As far as I know, you can not override this feature.
If I set flash off in the camera, would the external flash attached
be turned off, or does this just affect the internal flash only?
When external flash is attached, the internal flash off/on is inactivated.

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