Help on digicam purchasing (or not...) decision

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Re: Help on digicam purchasing (or not...) decision

ACG wrote:

Hi everyone:)

I am writing for the first time, although I have been following the
site for quite some time now due to my strong interest in
photography in general and digital photography recently. I am an
amateur photographer / videographer and I intend to move to digital
photography as a hobby. So far, I am using a Contax G1 system (CZ
28, 45, 90 lenses) for film photography and a Sony DCR-PC100 (CZ
lens as well) for video. The reason I mention this is to
accentuate the fact that I have a strong liking for Zeiss lenses,
which is likely to influence my decision in digicams, and because I
have already invested in the Memory Stick idea with a 64Mb stick on
hand and a 128Mb stick on order as well as a USB optical mouse / MS

So, the questions I have for you are the following:

1. Should I limit my purchasing decision to Sony/CZ outfits or
should I be looking elsewhere?

I don't own any of these cameras, but looking at sample pictures and reading reviews seem to indicate that the Sony captures the most detial in a 3MP image, but they are all pretty close. The Sony CZ lens isn't a super lens that blows away everything else. The new Minolta DiMAGE 7 looks to be far superior to the Sony. But at a signifcantly higher price.

3. I read somewhere in here that two digicams with, say 2.1 and
3.3 MP will produce exactly the same quality pictures but in
different sizes. If that is actually true, what is thisprint size
"ratio"; which 2.1 MP print is equal in quality to a 3.3 MP print?
(Am I even making sense here?)

3 MP is better than 2 MP for making prints. More MP is always better, everything else being equal.

4. Will a 3.3 MP digicam produce as sharp pics as my Contax G1?

If you use slide film and prime lenses and a tripod, and then do ilfochrome prints, you will get FAR sharper pictures with a high quality film SLR.

But slide film and ilforchrome prints are EXPENSIVE... ultimately a lot more expensive that the $700 cost of a Sony S75.

If you are heavily into high quality, and have $1500 to spend, then maybe you should wait on the DiMAGE 7.

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