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Re: There *is* a set of flash standards

CRT_Leech wrote:

Becuase I have not had a manual or a G1 since November.

Considering that the G1 only first appeared in stores in November, what sort of seasoned expert does that make Mr Leech?


Stop your whining.

it's not whining to expect that equipment perform according to industry norms, especially when (a) the manufacturer is a party to the standards committees that define those norms and (b) they use their supposed compliance with those norms to sell their equipment.

Despite misinformed statements made here on the forum, there is such a things as a standard hot shoe, and believe it or not your American tax money even helps define it (since the US contributes to the International Standards Organization (ISO)).

To follow the computer analogy, imagine that someone has made a computer and it doesn't take floppy disks, unless they are made by that manufacturer. They LOOK exactly like regular floppies are labelled the same, and regular floppies do plug into the drive -- but regular floppies fail at mysteriously hard-to-predict times. The special proprietary floppies also plug into regular disk drives, but they don't work either. You can only use the special floppy with the special drive at 3-4 times the cost. And the special floppies have lower capacity than standard floppies, they don't perform as the manufacturer said they would (except for some fine and vaguely-worded print on the bottom of page 97 of the manual) and the machine has no way to connect an external device. When you bought the computer it was based on glowing reviews that listed "with floppy drive" as a plus, AND once you realize that these problems exist and talk to the manufacturer, they say "tough, the world should conform to our cool floppy drive"

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