New Olympus E-2 Press Release

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New Olympus E-2 Press Release

I have a dream:


Olympus is pleased to release the first professional system camera in the world where optical viewfinder has been replaced with the high quality and movable LCD monitor. The new E-2 has the following advantages compared with the traditional digital SLR body:

1. The E-2 LCD monitor shows the image before the shot, the traditional SLR shows the image after the shot.

2. The size of the camera is 39% smaller than old E-1 size because the optical viewfinder, heavy pentaprism, noisy mirror and mechanical shutter has been replaced with the large and high quality LCD monitor.

3. The high quality LCD monitor gives much better correlation with the final photo than the optical viewfinder. The LCD shows exactly what you will get.

4. Movable LCD monitor makes possible the flexible framing of the photo. Photographer do not anymore need to crawl on the ground or stretch the neck over the crowd.

5. The camera has no noise or vibration problems because E-2 do not have the mechanical mirror or shutter. The "Click" sound do not anymore freeze the people and scare away timid animals.

6. LCD enables much faster shutter and flash synchro speeds.

7. The depth of field is much longer than in the traditional SLR cameras because the sensor size is small (18 x 13.5 mm). This leads to sharper images of three dimensional objects.

8. The sophisticated TTL-flash control makes possible to use several flash units simultaneously.

9. The new E-2 is compatible with "E System" lenses, flashes and other accessories.

10. The new body-integral Anti-Shake technology makes possible 3 times longer shutter speeds.

Traditionally the large lens selection has made the SLR camera so versatile and compatible with different projects and tasks. Now Olympus has raised this versatility to the new level with different types of camera bodies. The new E-2 body is specially made for macro, landscape, panorama, etc. work where flexible LCD monitor is needed for framing. The new E-3 body is better for sports and action photography where fast optical viewfinder is needed.

Has anybody similar dreams ?

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