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Re: RSA?

xbytor wrote:

Kent C wrote:

xbytor wrote:

Jim Sullivan wrote:

You mention Bruce Fraser's books as well and I agree. But speaking
of Fraser if you're not using his Pixel Genius products you're
making CS life difficult. Their new product PhotoKit Color has a
tool called RSA Gray Balance that now is part of my workflow.

RSA? As in public key crypto? Or was I the only one to trip over
this acronym?

That's 'Rule Seeking Algorithm' not Rivest, Shamir, Adelman.

OT - xbytor - have you read "The Code Book" by Singh?

Of course! No self-respecting cryptologist would have skipped it.
Others may not have found it quite as dramatic as I did,l though.
My GFs still wonder why I ask them to mention "Linear B" at "key"
moments :-).

Did you participate in the challenge?

And of course, if you did, did you figure out stage 5?

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