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I agree completely. I just counted all the photoshop books I have on my shelf. What I have learned from "Masking & Compositing" probably equals what I have learned from the other 15 photoshop books I own. Perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

Katrin assumes you have the basic photoshop skills necessary to navigate around the palettes and a good understanding of what can be done in PS. She then brings this knowledge together to create a workflow that is actually useful and efficient. She shows you the various ways things can be done, then tells you why she uses one technique over another.

If you "master" the techniques in this book, I would estimate you would be in the very top shelf of the photoshop community. I've got a long way to go, but Katrin's book has given me a roadmap to follow.

She has been able to put esoteric concepts, such as "vision" , into concrete procedures designed to produce the desired results. I've read the book twice, and am now going thru it in great detail for the third time using a collection of photos I have taken specifically for learning the concepts in this book. Her discussions of photographic techniques for Photoshop is invaluable.

That's enough, in a word .... AWESOME


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