Beauty without cruelty... Nikon D70

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Beauty without cruelty... Nikon D70

Hi All,

I sometimes donate my time as a photographer to a charity called “Choose Cruelty Free” which raises awareness about companies that produce cosmetics and other products and don’t test on animals.

Hopefully through their hard work people will be able to make the conscious decision to reward companies that are making an effort to stop needless cruelty for the sake of vanity by purchasing their products.

I used a Nikon D70 for this photo which will hopefully be made into posters and a billboard if they can manage to get enough funding. It was done in my studio with two lights, a small softbox and flash with no diffusion and standard reflector which was mounted on a boom above and to the right.
The Exif Data:

- Lens; Nikon 85mm 1.8
- Exp; 1/640 at f13
- Custom tone curve
- WB; Direct sunlight
- Adobe RGB
- Hue; 0
- Saturation; Moderate
- Sharpening; None

I do all my sharpening in post because I’ve found through the help of some people in this forum that it gives you more control over noise.

None of the products used in this shoot were tested on animals and the model... is a vegetarian... : ). If you‘re interested and would like to find out which companies don’t test on animals check out:



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