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I have them both and I basically agree

Bill Richardson wrote:

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If you are a serious intermediate (or above) level Photoshop
user, you simply have to have the new book, Photoshop Masking &
Composting by Katrin Eismann. . She combines great teaching ,
writing, and creative skills in this book. It is daunting at 500+
pages but well worth the time. I rank it with Tim Grey's Color
Confidence as the 2 best Photoshop books I have read to date and I
have read a lot of them. It is not the typical "trick" book but
teaches the masking skills we all need to master in depth in order
to use Photoshop in any way. Probably way too much for the
beginner though. Let's make this book a best seller so she and
others will write more advanced level Photoshop books!
Bill Richardson
Barrington, IL (USA)

The Fraser book is a total gem for anyone with any level of competence in Photoshop.

This particular Eismann book, in my opinion, is a little more advanced than the other books of hers that I have (my all-time favorite: Photoshop Restoration and Retouching and Digital Photography).

This last book (which is every bit as well-done as the others) does assume a certain amount of competence and, in great part, it deals with techniques that (while interesting and fascinating) will probably not be of much use to non-professionals.

I have never seen Tim Grey's book which you mention above, but I will look into it, as I could certainly use some "color confidence."

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