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Re: help with AE lock

The last little point says:
"Each time you press the button it locks the current exposure setting"

I think the instructions are just telling you to push the button and notice the * in the viewfinder, but if you keep pushing it you can watch the shutter and f stop change every time you point it at sometihng else.

George F wrote:

funny we both are "on the sme page" so to speak. from what i read i
think you press the * button twice. page 78 says: 1) focus the
subject 2) press the * button then it says the * icon will light in
the viewfinder to indicate AE lock. then aim the center of the
viewfinder over the subject where the exposure is to be locked the
press the * button, it locks the current setting. now do you press
the shutter button agian to focus on where you want the focus point
to be? 3) compose the shot and shoot. i'll keep trying but i hope
someone who does this all the time will help us out.
George F

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