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Re: help with AE lock

Its funny because I'm looking at the manual right now also, at the same exact part and i was just playing with the feature of the camera. As I understand it, point the center focus area of the camera of the area you want to lock exposure and press the * button, then point the camera at what you actually want to shoot, focus and shoot. if you push the button a second time, i would imagine it would re-meter the second thing you pushed on, voiding the initial reading. When you push the button you have 16 seconds to take the shot (if you let go) but if you continue to hold the button ( ) then you can take as long as you like.

If I am incorrect someone please let me (us both!) know. Im trying to learn as well...

George F wrote:

i am trying to understand how to use the AE lock. this is what i am
doing, and i am not sure i am doing it right? i focus on the white
shirt of my subject. i then push the * button. i then focus on the
face of the subject and again i push the * button and take the pic.
i have the manual in front of me but it is not to clear on the
proper way to achive AE lock. can someone PLEASE explain to me the
proper way to get AE lock. thanks in advance to all who try to help.
George F

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