Help on digicam purchasing (or not...) decision

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AC Gounaris
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Help on digicam purchasing (or not...) decision

Hi everyone:)

I am writing for the first time, although I have been following the site for quite some time now due to my strong interest in photography in general and digital photography recently. I am an amateur photographer / videographer and I intend to move to digital photography as a hobby. So far, I am using a Contax G1 system (CZ 28, 45, 90 lenses) for film photography and a Sony DCR-PC100 (CZ lens as well) for video. The reason I mention this is to accentuate the fact that I have a strong liking for Zeiss lenses, which is likely to influence my decision in digicams, and because I have already invested in the Memory Stick idea with a 64Mb stick on hand and a 128Mb stick on order as well as a USB optical mouse / MS reader.

So, the questions I have for you are the following:

1. Should I limit my purchasing decision to Sony/CZ outfits or should I be looking elsewhere? Am I giving up anything by not looking at Nikon, Canon any other brand for that matter? Sony (S75) does have the CZ lens I am partial to and MS as a storage media, and the reviews are great, but... am I missing something?

2. Most importantly (maybe), it is now apparent that camcorders and digital cameras will converge sometime in the (near?) future to a single device. JVC has a camcorder out with 1.92 MP CCD, Panasonic has the MX300(0) with 1.82 MP and Sony is coming out with the DCR-PC120 (110 replacement) in the summer with a 1.5 MP CCD. Should I hold on tho my money and trade up my DCR-PC100 with another camcorder with the capacity for better stills or not?

3. I read somewhere in here that two digicams with, say 2.1 and 3.3 MP will produce exactly the same quality pictures but in different sizes. If that is actually true, what is thisprint size "ratio"; which 2.1 MP print is equal in quality to a 3.3 MP print? (Am I even making sense here?)

4. Will a 3.3 MP digicam produce as sharp pics as my Contax G1?

I do not want to bore you people to death, so I guess that's enough for now. I sincerely appreciate your time and knowledge on these issues. Thanks in advance,


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