G1 Flash Photograph 101

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Re: Please Stop


When I read the messages I saw confirmation.

Just for the record, it is possible to sync several flashes from a PC outlet or a hot shoe, but that's irrelevant.

If you don't like the thread you don't have to participate.

Phil H

euthon wrote:


Please stop!

Nobody besides you confirmed the problem in more then 100 messages!
My G1 functions pretty close to what i expect of a camera of this

A CLEAN way to sync strobes in a studio settings is wireless !
Period. You simply can't sync more then ONE flash from a hot shoe
even if you wanted to.

Canon offers a neat flash system if shooting on a boat is your main
concern. Or are you saying you drag around all those monolights,
stands, umbrellas, soft-boxes, but don't have time (or space) for
optical slaves? I don't get it.

Photography, digital or not, IS expensive. Since the advent of 3D
matrix, E-TTL, etc the flash systems will be more and more
propritary, like it or not.


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