Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s own gear won't work, why PW?

Synchronization issues for wireless units should be effectively identical to those of hard-wired strobes, at least within the timing ranges used in photography (the wireless units need to send and receive fast enough that they still fire as quickly as if they had effectively been hardwired). Fortunately the delays are typically in the microseconds or even picoseconds, so they're essentially nonexistent for slow-moving mechanical devices like camera shutters and iris blades.So on the surface of it, using a slave shouldn't make a difference.

However.... it might work! If you're using a PW MultiMax or an old "Time Machine" unit, the delay can be adjusted in milliseconds -- the feature was initially there for creating "second curtain" effects on leaf-shutter cameras. So I suppose you might set the firing delay on the PW and see if the G1 has time to stop-down during that period (not that I feel like dropping another $500 just at the moment, but the results could be... enlightening)


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