Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: You are correct - EX only

Yes, you are wrong. Every G1 owner should have a G1 manual. Why don't you just open and read it instead of saying "I believe"?


CRT_Leech wrote:

Ken wrote:

I believe Canon did advertise that the camera is only guaranteed to
work with Canon EX flashes. At least that was my understanding
before I bought my G1. It seems many digicam makers are doing the
same thing so I don't even know if there is an "industry standard".
Correct me if I'm wrong.


Not only was it advertised on their site, but every web review I
read stated that the G1 only officially supported the EX series of
flashes. So, not only does it not support non Canon flashes, it
doesn't support different models of Canon flashes.

I believe it also states this in the Manual that comes with the

So, I don't see why people have been bitching about this issue for
the last 8 months!??!?!

Give it a rest,

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