Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: A question for those that think only Canon flashes should work?

Well, we've been able to get the flash to fire. It just doesn't do us any good without the aperture working properly.

Steve wrote:

Peter T, Michael & others,
I just spent 20 minutes with three of my sales people and we could
not get our brand new G1 to fire ANYTHING, except a Canon EX flash
or the new Metz flash that has the EX circuitry built-in.
It would not fire a Vivitar or a Pocket Wizard transmitter. We
tried several camera modes. We also tried to fool it by using an
AS-15 and a sync cord.
BTW, this camera has only been here about two months so I'm
assuming it has the latest firmware, but I'm not positive how to
confirm it and I had to get back to trying to make a living
Steve H

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