Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

It bothered me almost from day one, but the thought of complaining to my dealer about it never crossed my mind. Maybe I'm not in tune with proper protocol.

Steve wrote:
Peter, and others,

I'm not a technical guru, but I am going to pass along this thread
to my Canon technical rep and see what he says. Funny thing is, to
my knowledge none of our customers have complained about the flash
problem, but maybe we've been lucky and they're all using the
camera as a P&S piece. I'm also going to ask one of my customers
who has had a G1 for quite a while and see if he has experienced
the problem, or even tried it.

I do agree that Canon should support firing any third party flash
and it should fire in any mode. So I don't understand why you can't
put the camera in manual, set the aperature manually and get good
results. Obviously, it works for some people. You're quite possible
correct that this is a design or firmware flaw that can be fixed.

I'll post my reps reply as soon as I hear from him.

Steve H

Peter T wrote:

As a dealer I'm sure you are aware that there are dozens of
maufacturers that are currently producing professional lighting
equipment that all follow the same simple standard. These products
are from companies like Photogenic, Broncolor, Visatec, Bowens etc.

I'm interested in hearing your opinion on why Canon would design
the G1 so that it works perfectly well with these lights in both Av
and Tv mode, but in manual mode it triggers the flash but the
aperture doesn't work properly. Is it a matter of 'backard
compatibility' when we are talking about a current standard and
when it works in both Av and Tv mode? Is it possible that this is a
design flaw?

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