Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Mike Fried
Mike Fried Senior Member • Posts: 1,621
Whoa, broad statements....

Peter T wrote:

I don't need to go to a dealer because evidence from other users
indicates that this problem occurs with ALL third part flash units.

I would like to see the tests that prove that there is a problem with ALL third party flash units on the G1. Before or After the firmware upgrade. I've seen a lot of talk in this thread and no pictures.

There are a LOT of third party flashes. Saying the G1 doesn't work with ANY of them is like saying that all Europeans talk funny. One person with a G1 and a 3rd party flash can prove the first statement false. One European that doesn't talk funny is sure to be offended by the second.

Look at the photograph. I don't have the G1, so I can't post any photos here that would be relevant.

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