Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Mike Fried
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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

Michael W. wrote:

Flash with non-Canon flash is over exposed as if aperture is full
open at 2.0, regardless what the actual aperture setting is.
Flashes used: Vititar 283, Sunpak 383. Can this problem corrected
by sending in, or is Cannon planning to issue a fix via firmware?

How many pictures have suffered from this problem, and have you tried shooting in RAW mode? Perhaps there's some custom function to tell the camera to not try E-TTL on a flash that it is confused about. Alternatively, shoot in manual mode, and play with the settings. There should be some setting that you get right that will make the picture come out, regardless of the flash.

Some people over value the art of the auto-gadgetry. Taking pictures is all about making choices. Once you've chosen the location and the flash doesn't mean you don't need to choose the Aperture, Exposure, Focus, ISO, and White Balance. Failure to do this and your picture will still look bad. I would expect any camera that doesn't let you adjust any of the above settings to be bad, but give a great photographer a bad camera and put them up against an amateur photographer with a great camera, and the great photographer will take a better photo. It's all about the photographer. A good photographer is one that takes more pictures, not one that blames his/her equipment for something within his/her control.

I'm perfectly happy with last year's S20 model even without a hot shoe, manual focus, 3X zoom (I bought a few extension lenses), or RAW mode... and I'll bet you that I spent more on my S20 and accessories than you did on your G1 and accessories.

No, I'm not trying to start a flame war. This thread has done enough of that already.

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