Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: A question for those that think only Canon flashes should work?

I don't need to go to a dealer because evidence from other users indicates that this problem occurs with ALL third part flash units.

Someone e-mailed Canon a few days ago about reverting to the original firmware and is waiting for an answer. I would gladly do that.

As for switching to a D30, I just called Canon again about this and asked if they would give me the same disclaimer if a firmware update caused this problem on a D30. The answer was yes.

Richard Bublitz wrote:

Sometimes, those of us who monitor these forums, feel that we can
offer some advice based on what should work universally, without
having a working knowlege with the specific camera under
discussion. It is unusual for a camera to sync with flash at any
other than at 1/60th to 1/250th of a second - but of course that's
with a focal plane shutter, and not so with digital (??). At 1/10th
of a second (I believe it was said) in shutter priority just
doesn't make sense either. Sorry for butting in.

Perhaps you could go to a local dealer, pretending interest in the
G1 and ask them about using a Vivitar or SunPac with it. Or perhaps
you could call a Canon service center and ask them how you could
convert back to the original firmware. Or, trade it in for a D30

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