Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

I don't want to throw gas on a slightly raging fire but here goes anyway.

I basically agree with the statement by mutungi, below. I completely understand what some of you are trying to do with the third party flashes and tripping studio strobes and I also agree that Canon may have fumbled the ball with their advertising and specifications.

However, it has always been my contention, as a salesman, that when you buy a nice camera with TTL functions then the best thing you can do is buy the manufacturer's flash units. No one should buy a D1 and NOT buy a SB-28DX. You're paying for flash technology built into the camera and then not utilizing it with a compatible flash unit.

My comments are based on use by the general public, so please don't lynch me, because again, I understand some of your needs and your agitation with Canon.

BTW, no note from my Canon rep yet. Hopefully, he's wading his way thru this thread and will do some research and get back to me soon.
Steve H

mutungi wrote:

Do you buy a petrol car and try to use Diesal fuel? Therefore, if
you buy a quality product like a G1 then use proper dedicated flash
units like the 550EX or the 420EX which utilize the "E-TTL"
facility which other flashguns cannot provide as yet!

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