Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: A question for those that think only Canon flashes should work?

This is a rather long thread, so I don't know if this has been mentioned yet.

First of all, a professional photographer is not going to purchase a digital camera that does not configure to the equipment it is to be used with - some photographers want a pc connection for a sync cord, others a hot shoe that will accept a wireless adapter. Then, witness a demo to confirm this.

While I do not use the G1, I do own and use an A2E, an EOS3 and the D30, and also the 540 & 550 flashes for use with the film cameras. These flashes were designed for use with these cameras - they talk to each other. How can you expect a third party flash to do the same? Much less expect Canon to do something about it? Manual mode will work - just don't expect the camera and the flash to do your thinking for you - Ie. auto exposure features - it won't happen.

It is difficult to discuss this without a "hands on" with the equipment involved. But, when shooting manually (with a third party flash) you will want to set the lens apature and the flash apature identically - the flash will control it's output to match that apature (with it's thyristor) - don't expect TTL to work.

I use the D30 for studio portraits with White Lightning strobes - The camera fires the strobes via a radio transmitter connected to the camera's hot shoe, just like any film camera I would use in this situation. But this is manual - I set the lens and the strobes identically (reading flash output with a strobe meter) - no auto mode except for focus. If this was demo'd by Canon at a trade show - it was to show the professional photographer how the Canon equipment would work with professional strobes. And, not to try to fool the amature photographer to create thier own expectations or scenarios - as often happens.

Peter T wrote:

Let's say I give you a very lucrative photographic assignment. It
calls for the use of huge softboxes with 1200 watt lights inside.
Canon doesn't make this type of equipment. But that's ok because
there are dozens of companies that do. None of it is made to work
for any particular camera. It's a standard that's been around for
decades and it's very simple.

The majority of pro studio work is done with this type of euipment.
So it's easy to rent and that will be part of the budget for the
shoot. There are two ways to trigger the lights: a sync jack or a
hotshoe adapter. Any of Canon's SLR's that don't have a sync jack
will work with a hotshoe adapter.

It's simple. All the camera has to do is wait until the shutter is
fully open, trigger the light and then close after the amount of
sync time is complete. I don't know of any SLR that this won't work

Apparently it used to work on the G1 prior to the last upgrade. It
doesn't now. So my question: how will you do the assignment with
the G1?

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