Canon’s attitude: what do you think?

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Re: Canon’s Spin Control


If your explanation can't make others understand then I dont' know what else to say to them. Obviously many cannot distinguish the difference between proprietary compatibility and industry-standard compatibility.

For those who think Canon needs only support Canon accessories regardless what they advertise: what would you say if every 3-rd party compact flash card you buy from IBM, Kingston, Sandisk, Viking ect. fail on your G1 and Canon advises that you buy Canon brand CF at $600.00 per 128MB? Of course that would be on top of the fact that each one of those cards works perfectly fine with every CF compatible from all other manufacturers.

The 3rd-party manual flash issue is NO DIFFERENT from the compact flash scenario above -- it's an age old standard known to every photographer who really knows how to use a flash!


Kevin Bjorke wrote:

Samath wrote:

Canon make a camera and they make a flash gun to fit on it. You
bought a flash-gun which Canon does not support fully ( I say fully
as it fires the flash). Now you want Canon to make their camera
compatible with your flash gun.

No he just wants Canon to support the same industrial standards
that Canon CLAIMS to support when they participate in the ISO flash
trigger working group and when they place an ISO-standard hotshoe
on the top of a camera they label as suitable for "professional"

If Canon has topped the G1 with a proprietary connector (as Nikon
and Sony do), that would have been appropriate. But they didn't,
because Canon wanted to sell more cameras to people who know how to
use flash. The fact that the camera works improperly in the very
applications for which it was advertised is at best a screwup and
at worst an underhanded trick -- either way it could be argued that
since the camera is inapproriate for the purpose for which it was
marketed, it violates the US Uniform Commercial Code and Canon
should be obligated to fix, buy-back, or replace those units.

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