I've just lost 40GB!

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I Know the feeling!

I kow the feeling. I lost about 20 years worth of intimate photography due to my lack of backing up...lots of lost memories!

I now use a little program called SMARTSYNC to sync everything on my main computer to an external harddrive every morning at 0200, and I JUST purchased two Mirra servers, one for my home and one for my son in Fredericksburg VA. They can back up to each other across the net, so not only will I have constant backups, as will my son,but we will both have off-site backups! Well worth $1K for the 2 machines!

Take care and congrats on having backups!

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Tom McElvy
Va Beach VA, USA

Juggler wrote:

Nothing lost though, everything has a backup... i just want to
remind you how easy you can lose the files... Just in one hour, the
HD started to make 'clonk clonk' noise and then shot off and never
came back.

Back up your photos!
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